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Trusted By Elite Special Forces, This Razor Sharp Military Grade Survival Gear Could Save Your Life.

Although trusted by the United States Military this durable knife belt is also perfect for everyday practical uses such as hunting, fishing, camping, hiking…or simply whenever you need a razor sharp, dependable knife around the yard or home!
It’s easily and quickly accessible, always at your fingertips, the blade can be drawn in a split second!
Perfect for your survival gear collection, these durable knife belts take up no space at all in your bugout bag simply because it can be worn at all times as a stylish fully functional all-purpose everyday belt.
Strong enough to hold up your heavy-duty pants while also carrying other gear attached to your knife belt such as utility or ammo pouches, gun holsters, extra knives, and any other item you would need attached to a strong, durable belt.
Fully adjustable, fits sizes 24 to 47.
Because of this sliding multi-size function, your knife belt can even be used as a tourniquet to stop heavy blood loss, or as a sling to stabilize sprained or broken limbs in an emergency situation.
Don’t worry…you don’t need to be special trained military to use your new knife belt. It’s so easy to use that anyone of age can handle it safely (Obviously for adults only!)
Multi-Functional serrated and razor blade so you always have the edge you need in any situation.
It even has an extra thick blade shaft that includes a bottle opener so you never have to struggle opening a cold-one.
The blade length is 6cm or 2.36in and made of surgical steel so it’s always sharp and virtually impossible to break.
Fully concealed so NO ONE will ever know you have it on you!

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Tonia J. Taylor

12 february 2017
Color: Black     Style:Active

high quality product at. awesome price. seller is a very decent person. will buy some more scon.

David E. Ivory

21 april 2017
Color: Black     Style:Active

Very Satisfied

Phillip J. Olson

05 march 2017
Color: Black     Style:Active

seller so great, great price for great product. thank you so much,.

Nancy B. Herring

24 may 2017
Color: Black     Style:Active

Very nice and a good deal.

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